Glitchy Geoff

We agreed on an unintentional teleportation web series, as it seemed like an interesting concept that could portray a humorous video series for most audiences.


Glitchy Geoff is a man of unfortunate events. Been given a faulty watch to review he is then forever in this cycle of random teleportation. This could happen at the best of times or at the worst.


The webisodes would be quite short vlog type videos that would show the watch malfunctioning him to a different place altogether. For instance, a scenario we came up with was if he were to be having a shower, he would teleport to the artic where he’d obviously be very cold. The videos wouldn’t show all the places he’s been too, just the flash of him gone and the flash of him back from where he’d teleported. Something we discussed was a Valentines edition where he tries to go on a series of dates with this one girl; this would fit in with the month of February. Some of the videos would have been shot by him, so him holding the camera vlogging, and other times it would be like a documentary where it would show you places he’s been.

Karl Pilkington’s An Idiot Abroad inspired the idea for this concept. Karl Pilkington as a person was the sort of character we wanted to play the role of Geoff, as his persona is a very laid back, no fuss sort of guy that gets puts into situations that don’t agree with him.


Inayat and I were in charge of the web design and social media and we had created a Twitter as that would able him to interact with his audience and fellowship. We also thought of making him an Instagram so his audience could also see where he’s been. As this is set in the future the use of technology would become a lot of integrated into our lives as humans so keeping social accounts online would most likely become mandatory.


Something that I as in charge of was Photoshopping Glitchy Geoff into random situations for his social media accounts. We wanted to make them funny and interesting, something that would definitely have a story behind them. There are some awkward scenarios as well as joyous ones, we wanted a mixed vary as we wanted to keep it as realistic as possible.


As a whole I think that this web series would be an interesting turn of events.