Website Change!

I’ve decided to change my website as I feel it needs an update to it’s look and usability.

This is what my website looked like before, it had different html pages for each webpage and I’ve found out that it creates a less of a usability for the user. I wanted my website to be a easy to use website and research showed that having a one-page website is a much more safer option as it fits with the ‘one-click’ protocol.

It was pretty basic and I felt i needed to add something else to make it a bit more visually appealing.

The changes that I made were as follows;

  • making the website into a one-page site
  • changing the white background into a textured paper background
  • having 2 navigation bars, one that stays at the top of the page and another for the home page
  • properly centring the website

So now my website looks like this;

I feel much happier having this as my website, there are a few more adjustments I would like to make..but for the moment I am pleased with this.

I overcame a lot of problems that I had, there were quite a few as I am still getting used to web designing and coding. When I first started to update my code, i made a back up copy of my original version just in case i needed to start again.

I was quite scared changing my website because I wasn’t too sure what I could do as my coding skills are quite limited, luckily the internet has all the answers! Changing from separate webpages to a one-page website proved to be a challenge as when I did try to put everything together the alignments and sections were all confused and all over the place. I had to ask for help from a friend and they showed me where i went wrong and i continued to work on my code.

Changing the white background was bit of a struggle as i had to put it into another container, but what i had tried to do was to put it into a wrapper but that didn’t work as it would just stay on the left hand side, even when i changed the margin and padding. I had originally planned to have a different sort of background which look like this;


but the top part would get cut off, so that’s something I’m going to work on, for when I develop further.

The new navigation bar idea came to me as I was making lists of what needs to be done, and i was using post-it notes to do so. And I thought that it would create a paper theme as the background is a paper texture. Also adding colour to my pages makes my pages pop!

Something else I would work on is the way my work is being presented, I feel as though there could be something improved in that i think I’ll try to find a way to make that better.


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