4 Week Project | Flash Animation & GarageBand: Result

The outcome for my Flash animation was this;

I started of with working with GarageBand as I felt that animating to the music made much more sense, I wanted some subtle and acoustic as it would fit appropriately to idea I had. I tried a few different types of instruments like the guitar, but it didn’t found very good. Using the piano section of GarageBand was definitely successful as i managed to come up with a 15 second clip of soundtrack.

When I started to animate, I started at the second part of the soundtrack as I had seen the sort of abstract animation I wanted for it. A simple blocks and lines, popping up and randomly changing, the soundtrack was very bouncy and it jumped a lot as well as speed up. I then moved onto the last section of the soundtrack and I felt it was quite sudden..so dots came into my head and I used the Spray Brush Tool to create random areas of dots. I randomised the thickness of the brush to give it a much more splattered look. the beginning part of the soundtrack was quite difficult to animate as I wanted something to do with blocks moving across the screen. What I had finessed with, I;m not entirely happy because I felt that it could have been better and a lot more synced.

Syncing animation to music was a difficult challenge as you need precise anchors to determine where the animation would go.

Flash as a software to use was fairly okay, but it’s not something that i’d want to use as much because with other animation software there’s a lot you can do and achieve.


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