4 Week Project | Flash Animation & GarageBand: Research

For the first mini project we were set to do an animation using Adobe Flash, the animation a piece of music that you created on garageband. We were told to use a stage of 22mmx16mm, and that the animation had to be at least 15 seconds. 15 seconds may not sound like a lot but a lot of work goes into animation as there are many different ways you can structure animation.

I’ve previously worked with Flash, and working with it again refreshed my known knowledge about the interface and how to use it. I felt quite confident about the brief, and got to researching Flash animations on the internet. Flash as a software isn’t something that I would use to do a complicated animation as it seems to be a software that not many agree on.

Here’s an example of a flash animation that I also took inspiration from;

It has basic shapes that you can easily move around and control in Flash. A simplistic idea which showcases detail as it syncs up very well with the soundtrack. I liked and chose this animation because I felt that it was well thought out and the repetitiveness of the shapes kept with the theme.


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