Recently we’ve been looking at animation, and how much it has progressed since 1914, when Gertie the Dinosaur was created by Winsor McCay. You can see the amount of effort that was put into drawing out all those different scenes, it’s amazing to think that something that started of so complicated and intricate has been transformed into softwares that help you to animate the subject.

Since then we’ve got 3D animation that we create from a computer, when animation was first created there were a all hand drawn and different techniques like cel or phenakistoscope were used to see the interactions of the drawings.

As a  task we were told to create a hand drawn animation, what I went for was a simple stop motion animation;

Drawing this was hard enough, keeping the sizes of the bouncing ball and the dog were hard as i didn’t have any tracing paper to make things easier. But making a stop motion of this sorts is quite simple and fun. Stepping up a notch would be to do something like this;




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