Change of idea: Alpha Centauri

Unfortunately the Glitchy Geoff idea was scrapped as some members of the group didn’t seem to think that the idea would work as well as their new idea.

The new idea that they came up with was a new planet estate agents. Alpha Centauri is a planet that has everything and more that earth ever had. And as Earth is deteriorating, people of Earth have to decide where they want to go. We decided to do 4 1min 30 videos as in the brief it states they should be 6 minutes altogether. Most of the shots will be locations of Alpha Centauri as a planet and Centaurians promoting people of Earth to move here.

Other planets are available for them but we want them to come to Alpha Centauri..that’s what we want to show in the videos.

All the roles are the same as before, so I’ll be concentrating on the website. The website I feel is going to be a bit challenging for me as I’ve only ever made one which was to my preference and my HTML skills aren’t up to par. But this will also give me some more experience with website designing.

As a group we created a Facebook group to discuss matters, as some weren’t always able to come to meetings. On there we contributed to location spots, video ideas and general discussions.


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