Headers make all the difference

Before copy     After





With the layout that I have I wanted something a bit more visually appealing to the viewer, as you can see the first image shows the very boring sort of header which really doesn’t show much of my ability in using softwares such as Illustrator and Photoshop. Therefore I incorporated my homepage design into a header design to keep the same sort of theme throughout the website. I decided to simplify the design as it may have seemed a lot to be going on in a header. Hence, by just taking away the detail and extending the lines it becomes a lot more interesting.

I felt that using this sort of header would be a lot more interesting than just having the word ‘Work’ written at the top. Also with this header, it can be turned into a mobile layout i.e for smaller screens, as the illustration of me is aligned with the navigation box. Thus making my website versatile for all users.


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